Navratri : Woven Silk Saree To Wear In Durga Pooja?

The Navratri festive season is here.

Many ladies around the world have already started preparing what to wear on Durga Puja.  Have you got something in your mind?

Are you looking for something totally new rather than digging from your wardrobe?

Tell us how will you be planning to dress up for Durga pooja.  Will go for a traditional look? What saree are you planning to wear, are your accessories sorted? And how will you have the best look?

Share with us your styling ideas and win Your favorite color saree from our Latest Siya Fashions Collections.

Designer Silk Blue Wedding Saree SFYD603Designer Silk Green Wedding Saree SFYD604Designer Silk Maroon Wedding Saree SFYD606Designer Silk Olive Green Wedding Saree SFYD602Designer Silk Rani Wedding Saree SFYD605Designer Silk Red Wedding Saree SFYD607

We are looking forward to hearing your dressing ideas & good luck! 

The best winner will have “Free Saree” before Durga pooja.

Thank You For Reading!

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