Small Business 5 ways to STAY POSITIVE During COVID19!

I know many of you are really upset about the situation COVID 19, But let me remind, you are doing amazingly well to fight coronavirus, This will be over soon! Next year this time we will proudly say we have gone thought this together and saved the nation.

Yes small business are suffering but my advise to everyone stay positive, do not think about earnings, we will sail this economical crises. We all have to stay extremely positive, Change your earnings in to hobbies! We know we can not do anything but what we can do is, spend this valuable time with our loved one. We often complain we do not get to spend time with family, this is the time do it!

I have list of things you can do with your family, try it and let me know šŸ™‚

1 ) Excersise!!! Excersise!! Exercise:

We all love our food, to make sure in this crises we stay healthy, it is very important we exercise at-lest 30 min a day. If you are not in to exercise, I would put PE with JOE Wicks to get the ball rolling, He is a great PE Coach, you will be comfort with his workout. My 7 year old daughter perfectly loves doing his workout. I was never in to PE, But since I followed him, I am loving it!!!

You can follow Joe Wicks’s live session Monday – Friday on you tube at 9 AM.

Check The Link:


You are locked in doors, you have amazing device with you, you can still see the outside world via internet. Get yourself on social media, sign up if you do not have an account. I would recommend you to sign up on Facebook, Linked it or Pinterest , these are the best platforms to start your online interest. Just pick one platform. You will meet different business similar to your interest & need, connect with them, this is the best time to build online reputation. Once your business is online on social media, add your family & friends, make sure you join Online communities, Online meeting groups or Online Live Videos.

Now this is the important part is, let the world know about your business, while you are locked down, online platform is the best way to stay connected. Talk more about your business online, talk about your clients, talk about good and bad times. Share your ideas, Show your creativity , Do Vlogging about your business ( video blogging), If you are not good at video blogging or live streaming like myself, just write about your business, upload photos of services, this is the time to connect with lockdown world. I would recommend you to talk about your business/ upload phots of your work 3 times a day. This way you will feel good, you will create new ways to build online reputation and you will still be connected to your business (if you business is closed) . If you want to design online graphics, leaflets, sign up to CANVA!

I like you to try this and let me know how it goes, good luck!


We all know our hobbies but we do not get enough time to follow it! If you are not sure about your hobbies, ask yourself few questions!

  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • What are your interests?
  • What do you like doing at the weekend?

I hope I have made these questions simple and easy to understand. Now you know the answers, so follow the your answers. Start your hobbies in this lockdown period, now is the time.

My hobby is swimming, I usually follow 2 – 3 times a week but at the moment I am being safe by staying indoors, I have discover a new a hobby, which is YOGA. Believe me, I was not in to yoga at all, thanks to lockdown something new I am loving it!

Let me know what you love doing, I love to hear it!

4) Bonding / Memories

I loved spending time with family, don’t we all?? We all are together in this, I have been spending quality time with my family, I have an activity chart which is listed bellow. I have filled my plans along with time and days to assist me and helping me positivity.

You can make your own plans, make sure you fill your Interests, Hobbies, Working from home timing, Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner schedule, Nap or Relaxation Time, Including Board games plans. Keep it realistic, don’t bombard yourself with too many activities, remember its all about cherishing moments.

Feel free to print this weekly plan chart to use it.


Go easy with yourself ā€œPeople don’t appreciate what they have, they insist on perfection, and they loose what they have.ā€ I have mentioned before, this time will not come back so make it most. Take each day as it comes, start doing whatever you desire. It does not have to be something major, be mindful, smallest things are the most paramount!

The moment I start to feel negative, I get myself in for very long bath, lit candles and put some healthy music on. I think of my small success, I think of what I have lost & how I can make things better going forward. I keep reminding myself I am very important creature, I feel blessed to around my loved ones . Staying positive The bath therapy worked well for me, it helped me connecting with your soul, I learned to stay enthusiastic instead of getting unmotivated and negative.

It’s been weeks since you have lived Everyday life, I know you are missing your loved one! I am missing my night outs! I miss make over & pamper time with my girlies! I bet are you counting minutes till lockdown is over!! The last thing I want to mention, Virtual Dating, its thrilling and I will tell you how I am continuing to have fun with my loved ones!

5) Virtual Dating

I am loving my girlie time over Face-timing! Yes, Last week Me & My Girls decided to do our virtual actives. We painted our nails, We put the music on, We danced around the house and we talked about what we have been doing every day, We shared many ideas and how to make next few weeks more joyous.

“We loved it!!! This is the greatest bond we created! Our Virtual Date We will cherish forever :)”

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, Feel free to share.

Please add your comments bellow. Tag us on #omdigitalsocialmedia if you like this blog.

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