With a further three weeks of lockdown imposed, we are seeing hundreds if not thousands of businesses up and down the country having to reinvent themselves. New online shops, courses, and network marketing reps are appearing every day. But what if you are a business owner still struggling to find direction or some fresh new ideas to get you thriving in this current climate?

Here are my five key tips:

1. Get your “inner team” on board. In this uncertain environment, there’s only one thing you can control, and that’s your subconscious mind. Think of your conscious mind being like a master and the subconscious like a servant. The subconscious will, without question, take everything fed to it by the conscious on board, and look for people, places, events and circumstances to reinforce this. So make sure you are feeding your conscious with what YOU want to make your reality. Make a point of starting every morning with a positive routine, whether it’s listening to a motivational audio, reading a self-help book or doing some yoga exercises. Choose something that works for you. Before any activity such as a call, an online networking meeting or the start of your day’s tasks, consciously get yourself into an uplifted frame of mind until it becomes automatic.

2. Have your business hours become restricted due to having the family at home with you too? And are you ending each day feeling guilty that you’re not getting enough business done? Or worse still, not spending enough time with the family? With a sense of balance you will get the best of both worlds. Think of how many hours you could realistically do each day – even if it’s only one hour before the kids get up and one hour after they’ve gone to bed – shade them in your planner and make them non negotiable. You will go to bed each night feeling a lot calmer!

3. Get a clear picture of the income that you want. Remember not to buy into the negativity all around.Everything you want is still there for the taking – the only thing that changes is the way you go about it. Look at the number of hours available to you, and get creative with these hours to maximise your income. Do you need to collaborate with similar businesses, focus on selling more of one kind of product, or do more live videos to get in front of your target audience? Jot your ideas down and create your blueprint!

4. Is your marketing message loud and clear? Do people know exactly what you do and how you can help them when they come across you online? Think of who your product or service will benefit right NOW. It may not be the same people as you’ll be targeting when all this is over. There are people out there RIGHT NOW who need what you have to offer. Make sure that your message is speaking to their pain so they start those conversations with you the very same day.

5. Are you highlighting what makes you unique? With the massive surge of people into the online space, now is more important than ever for you to stand out from the crowd. Would you be clear and confident in explaining to a prospective client why they should work with you rather than your competition? What puts you head and shoulders above the rest? And is it time for you to narrow down your niche and become known as the Go-To person for that particular area?

If you found this article useful and are looking for the clarity and the confidence to turn your business around and get it thriving through this crisis, please contact me to book your 15-minute free call. 

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