‘When health is all you have’

Here at canine understanding, we take everything dog very very seriously…..


‘When health is all you have’

Our website is aimed at all dog owners, new, old or just a passion for dog’s. In this website, we will cover everything from equipment to behaviour to nutrition, holistic and finding you the perfect dog!

Canine understanding was founded in 2014 by Gemma and Brendan. We originally began as a dog walking business for dogs those were unable to be placed in everyday daycares or dog walkers. This began after Gemma spending years working with rescues and undergoing her diploma in Canine behaviour and Canine psychology. The business grew from there and we have rehabilitated lots of dogs back into society after going through horrific trauma. Since then we have begun to realise that there is much more to our 4 legged companions than we first realise. we believe that every dog deserves the best possible life and money should not be a barrier for that!! 

Our website will be updated weekly with all the latest news and knowledge on the latest reports and studies regarding nutrition, exercise, health, the latest scientific research and much more. We will also be writing about our journey as rescue dog owners and how changing diet has helped us understand our dogs much more.

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Hope you enjoy our journey into the Canine Understanding world.

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