Error 404

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Today I will be talking about “Error 404”. ⁠

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You may have often got “error 404” on our website and it is very important you do not ignore this message. ⁠

🤬What is a 404 error?🤬⁠

➡ “Error 404” message is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol, (HTTP) flags up on the website when the server could not find the requested Page your customer is looking for.⁠

Simply means, your visitors can not connect specific page they are trying to access, once your visitor sees this page, they will leave your site and will not 🤬 come back again…⁠

In most cases, “Error 404” appears when your website link is damaged or broken.⁠

What to do❓⁠
Take some time and find out if your website link is broken. Make sure your backlinks are not damaged. ⁠
Despite your website is looking perfect, your damaged backlinks may not show up on the front. ⁠

Do you check your backlinks regularly?⁠
For more information on checking backlink feel free to DM @omdigitalwebdesign

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