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Error 404

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Today I will be talking about “Error 404”. ⁠

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You may have often got “error 404” on our website and it is very important you do not ignore this message. ⁠

🤬What is a 404 error?🤬⁠

➡ “Error 404” message is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol, (HTTP) flags up on the website when the server could not find the requested Page your customer is looking for.⁠

Simply means, your visitors can not connect specific page they are trying to access, once your visitor sees this page, they will leave your site and will not 🤬 come back again…⁠

In most cases, “Error 404” appears when your website link is damaged or broken.⁠

What to do❓⁠
Take some time and find out if your website link is broken. Make sure your backlinks are not damaged. ⁠
Despite your website is looking perfect, your damaged backlinks may not show up on the front. ⁠

Do you check your backlinks regularly?⁠
For more information on checking backlink feel free to DM @omdigitalwebdesign

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So overwhelmed Mark Zuckerberg announcement giving small businesses an opportunity.

Facebook is partnering up with⁠ E-commerce platforms, like SHOPIFY, SQUARESPACE, WEEBLY AND WORDPRESS to support small businesses to be online and start selling. ⁠

This is the time for small businesses to set up their online store from Home or wherever they are.⁠ Everything is going to be much more integrated between Facebook and your store moving forward.⁠

Where To Find FACEBOOK SHOP in your website.

Have a look at the Facebook app just under the sales channel in your Shopify platform, you will be able to see the new Facebook shop will be launching soon.

I have attached the screen short so have a peek through. ⁠
This is for the users who have an online store with Shopify, I have not tried it with #wordpress or #squarespace but if you have tried it let us know in comment.

If you need help where to look for this app, comment below.⁠
Keep checking under “FACEBOOK SHOP” for the update so you can start selling for free.⁠

Thank you for reading this, do share this page so small business can benefit.

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‘When health is all you have’

Here at canine understanding, we take everything dog very very seriously…..


‘When health is all you have’

Our website is aimed at all dog owners, new, old or just a passion for dog’s. In this website, we will cover everything from equipment to behaviour to nutrition, holistic and finding you the perfect dog!

Canine understanding was founded in 2014 by Gemma and Brendan. We originally began as a dog walking business for dogs those were unable to be placed in everyday daycares or dog walkers. This began after Gemma spending years working with rescues and undergoing her diploma in Canine behaviour and Canine psychology. The business grew from there and we have rehabilitated lots of dogs back into society after going through horrific trauma. Since then we have begun to realise that there is much more to our 4 legged companions than we first realise. we believe that every dog deserves the best possible life and money should not be a barrier for that!! 

Our website will be updated weekly with all the latest news and knowledge on the latest reports and studies regarding nutrition, exercise, health, the latest scientific research and much more. We will also be writing about our journey as rescue dog owners and how changing diet has helped us understand our dogs much more.

Follow our blog for all the latest updates and shop in our store for all the latest accessories, herbs and much more at link below:

Follow Links Below :

Hope you enjoy our journey into the Canine Understanding world.

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Lookin Sheepish

Lookin Sheepish is a home-based pet clothing company. Making creative range of homemade bespoke products for every pet.

Your precious boo deserves a present just as much as anyone else; he or she is part of the family after all!

Discover a wide range of unique gifts for pets and find the perfect fit for your furry friend.

Stunning colourful Female Bows with or without matching fabric collars and hair bows to match.

We are accepting Custom orders, For booking visit our Social pages below:

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Bill Ready President, Commerce Announced on the 21st of April 2020, USA The business will be able to take advantage of selling online for free from the end of April.


This is a significant advantage for Small Business who wanted to sell their products on google shopping but money was an issue. Now google has given Everyone an opportunity to enter the digital world list their prodcuts for FREE on Google shopping. Online Businesses/ Sellers paid to list their products on google shop from £2.50 a day up to £100 a day, BUT NOW it will be free.


When the buyer goes online to buy an item “BATH BOMBS”, the list of suggestions will show up by the google on his search including the PICTURE OF ITEMS, DESCRIPTIONS, PRICS, SELLERS INFORMATION, and REVIEWS OF items.

Since Lockdown all the phyicial business are struggling, the same time E-commerce business owners are becoming giant online sellers. Buyers are constantly online looking for tips on how to learn new stuff, they’re searching for essentials but also things like Makeups, Pens, Notepads, Toys, Nail Art and any Creative items you can think of buyers are ordering it from online.


When you go in your Google ads account you will see the extra tab on the left which will be listed as FREE LISTING (ONLY TO USA SELLERS) . Please take it in to consideration I am based in UK, So for now it will not work for me but this will eventually roll out worldwide. You can still pay for the Ads if you want, you can create different location Ads, You can reach for new target locations.



Google is working together with paypal so online businessess can link their paypal account as an easy checkout payment method for the buyers. This way sellers and buyers can build the trust relationship.

Eventally the Google will be offering this to Woo-commerce (WordPress) and BigCommerce(Big Business).

If You do not have Google Ads account, this is the time for you and REGISTER it, So in the future you can take an advantage of FREE LISTING on Google.

For more information on how to set up Google Ads, feel free to contact me.

Thank you for reading this post. Any comments will be greatful!

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With a further three weeks of lockdown imposed, we are seeing hundreds if not thousands of businesses up and down the country having to reinvent themselves. New online shops, courses, and network marketing reps are appearing every day. But what if you are a business owner still struggling to find direction or some fresh new ideas to get you thriving in this current climate?

Here are my five key tips:

1. Get your “inner team” on board. In this uncertain environment, there’s only one thing you can control, and that’s your subconscious mind. Think of your conscious mind being like a master and the subconscious like a servant. The subconscious will, without question, take everything fed to it by the conscious on board, and look for people, places, events and circumstances to reinforce this. So make sure you are feeding your conscious with what YOU want to make your reality. Make a point of starting every morning with a positive routine, whether it’s listening to a motivational audio, reading a self-help book or doing some yoga exercises. Choose something that works for you. Before any activity such as a call, an online networking meeting or the start of your day’s tasks, consciously get yourself into an uplifted frame of mind until it becomes automatic.

2. Have your business hours become restricted due to having the family at home with you too? And are you ending each day feeling guilty that you’re not getting enough business done? Or worse still, not spending enough time with the family? With a sense of balance you will get the best of both worlds. Think of how many hours you could realistically do each day – even if it’s only one hour before the kids get up and one hour after they’ve gone to bed – shade them in your planner and make them non negotiable. You will go to bed each night feeling a lot calmer!

3. Get a clear picture of the income that you want. Remember not to buy into the negativity all around.Everything you want is still there for the taking – the only thing that changes is the way you go about it. Look at the number of hours available to you, and get creative with these hours to maximise your income. Do you need to collaborate with similar businesses, focus on selling more of one kind of product, or do more live videos to get in front of your target audience? Jot your ideas down and create your blueprint!

4. Is your marketing message loud and clear? Do people know exactly what you do and how you can help them when they come across you online? Think of who your product or service will benefit right NOW. It may not be the same people as you’ll be targeting when all this is over. There are people out there RIGHT NOW who need what you have to offer. Make sure that your message is speaking to their pain so they start those conversations with you the very same day.

5. Are you highlighting what makes you unique? With the massive surge of people into the online space, now is more important than ever for you to stand out from the crowd. Would you be clear and confident in explaining to a prospective client why they should work with you rather than your competition? What puts you head and shoulders above the rest? And is it time for you to narrow down your niche and become known as the Go-To person for that particular area?

If you found this article useful and are looking for the clarity and the confidence to turn your business around and get it thriving through this crisis, please contact me to book your 15-minute free call. 

You can also join my Facebook group to receive free confidence and business tips as well as live training on:

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Transport Technology Helping Meet Increasing Demands on Food

As the monster virus has struck, the normal pace and rhythm of life has altered drastically and
everyone is forced to follow a new schedule. Social isolation is currently taken as the solution to
handle the outbreak. Hence, an efficient transport system needs to be agile enough to fine-tune
the change while guaranteeing the continuous movement of food supplies and essential

Movement of perishable food items, groceries and other essential commodities from one place to
another in these extenuating times is not only time-consuming, but tough. At crucial times of
social emergency, it is essential to maintain and sustain seamless movement of food supplies in
the country. Everyone requires a steady and steadfast supply of all essential items especially
food, medical supplies and emergency products with minimum delays or restrictions.

Professional Transporter service providers’ during this stressful period of COVID-19 require
updated technology to streamline transport and logistic services to meet escalating demand of
food supplies. Deliveries of food and other essential products and services has to be made on
time in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leading transporters are integrating modern IoT technology in their core strategies for effective
transportation. Enhancing technological capabilities in transporting goods is the key to meet the
increasing demand of perishable products such as vegetables and fruits in this unprecedented
time of stress.

Technology using by Transport

Integrating innovative technology in transportation systems especially around harvesting time
will help to especially meet the food consumption needs of the general population. Digital
technology and driven applications such as last mile transportation will create ease and
convenience. Amid profound concerns regarding the spread of coronavirus disease, transporters
are accessing efficient transport logistics in order to meet the ever-increasing demand of food
supplies. Right from getting the products safely loaded to ensuring that the consignment reaches
in time the tech savvy transporters ensure that the supply of food is consistent and in perfect

The transporters also offer a plethora of cargo and logistic services to ensure essential goods reach the desired destination without any delay and help in meeting increased demand of
food supplies. Transport systems are now adapting with emerging technologies to create a sound
infrastructure. With the help of Innovative transport technology reputed transporters aim at
streamlining the entire process of transportation and logistics.Transporters need to have
comprehensive review of transportation system so as to maintain consistency and resiliency in
work operations

Get the Safe Delivery

In bid to improve connectivity in transportation transporters are offering modern tracking
facilities, GPS, and are now accepting digital payments through credit card or debit card, Pay
TM and other modes of digital payment. They have automated their transportation processes, to
provide reliable and timely deliveries of food. It is essential to create efficient and cost-effective
solutions for transporting essential supplies and handling logistic issues. In order to suffice the
multiple transportation needs of delivering food and other essential items, the transportation
industry is quickly undergoing a rapid progression in terms of technology.

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Small Business 5 ways to STAY POSITIVE During COVID19!

I know many of you are really upset about the situation COVID 19, But let me remind, you are doing amazingly well to fight coronavirus, This will be over soon! Next year this time we will proudly say we have gone thought this together and saved the nation.

Yes small business are suffering but my advise to everyone stay positive, do not think about earnings, we will sail this economical crises. We all have to stay extremely positive, Change your earnings in to hobbies! We know we can not do anything but what we can do is, spend this valuable time with our loved one. We often complain we do not get to spend time with family, this is the time do it!

I have list of things you can do with your family, try it and let me know 🙂

1 ) Excersise!!! Excersise!! Exercise:

We all love our food, to make sure in this crises we stay healthy, it is very important we exercise at-lest 30 min a day. If you are not in to exercise, I would put PE with JOE Wicks to get the ball rolling, He is a great PE Coach, you will be comfort with his workout. My 7 year old daughter perfectly loves doing his workout. I was never in to PE, But since I followed him, I am loving it!!!

You can follow Joe Wicks’s live session Monday – Friday on you tube at 9 AM.

Check The Link:


You are locked in doors, you have amazing device with you, you can still see the outside world via internet. Get yourself on social media, sign up if you do not have an account. I would recommend you to sign up on Facebook, Linked it or Pinterest , these are the best platforms to start your online interest. Just pick one platform. You will meet different business similar to your interest & need, connect with them, this is the best time to build online reputation. Once your business is online on social media, add your family & friends, make sure you join Online communities, Online meeting groups or Online Live Videos.

Now this is the important part is, let the world know about your business, while you are locked down, online platform is the best way to stay connected. Talk more about your business online, talk about your clients, talk about good and bad times. Share your ideas, Show your creativity , Do Vlogging about your business ( video blogging), If you are not good at video blogging or live streaming like myself, just write about your business, upload photos of services, this is the time to connect with lockdown world. I would recommend you to talk about your business/ upload phots of your work 3 times a day. This way you will feel good, you will create new ways to build online reputation and you will still be connected to your business (if you business is closed) . If you want to design online graphics, leaflets, sign up to CANVA!

I like you to try this and let me know how it goes, good luck!


We all know our hobbies but we do not get enough time to follow it! If you are not sure about your hobbies, ask yourself few questions!

  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • What are your interests?
  • What do you like doing at the weekend?

I hope I have made these questions simple and easy to understand. Now you know the answers, so follow the your answers. Start your hobbies in this lockdown period, now is the time.

My hobby is swimming, I usually follow 2 – 3 times a week but at the moment I am being safe by staying indoors, I have discover a new a hobby, which is YOGA. Believe me, I was not in to yoga at all, thanks to lockdown something new I am loving it!

Let me know what you love doing, I love to hear it!

4) Bonding / Memories

I loved spending time with family, don’t we all?? We all are together in this, I have been spending quality time with my family, I have an activity chart which is listed bellow. I have filled my plans along with time and days to assist me and helping me positivity.

You can make your own plans, make sure you fill your Interests, Hobbies, Working from home timing, Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner schedule, Nap or Relaxation Time, Including Board games plans. Keep it realistic, don’t bombard yourself with too many activities, remember its all about cherishing moments.

Feel free to print this weekly plan chart to use it.


Go easy with yourself People don’t appreciate what they have, they insist on perfection, and they loose what they have.” I have mentioned before, this time will not come back so make it most. Take each day as it comes, start doing whatever you desire. It does not have to be something major, be mindful, smallest things are the most paramount!

The moment I start to feel negative, I get myself in for very long bath, lit candles and put some healthy music on. I think of my small success, I think of what I have lost & how I can make things better going forward. I keep reminding myself I am very important creature, I feel blessed to around my loved ones . Staying positive The bath therapy worked well for me, it helped me connecting with your soul, I learned to stay enthusiastic instead of getting unmotivated and negative.

It’s been weeks since you have lived Everyday life, I know you are missing your loved one! I am missing my night outs! I miss make over & pamper time with my girlies! I bet are you counting minutes till lockdown is over!! The last thing I want to mention, Virtual Dating, its thrilling and I will tell you how I am continuing to have fun with my loved ones!

5) Virtual Dating

I am loving my girlie time over Face-timing! Yes, Last week Me & My Girls decided to do our virtual actives. We painted our nails, We put the music on, We danced around the house and we talked about what we have been doing every day, We shared many ideas and how to make next few weeks more joyous.

“We loved it!!! This is the greatest bond we created! Our Virtual Date We will cherish forever :)”

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, Feel free to share.

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