YES YOU CAN HAVE FREE SHOP ON FACEBOOK, COMMING SOON!! So overwhelmed Mark Zuckerberg announcement giving small businesses an opportnutity. ⁠Facebook is partnering up with⁠ E-commerce platforms, like SHOPIFY, SQUARESPACE, WEEBLY AND WORDPRESS to support small businesses to be online and start selling. ⁠⁠This is the time for small businesses to set up their onlineContinue reading “SMALL BUSINESS SELLS FOR FREE ON FACEBOOK”

‘When health is all you have’

Here at canine understanding, we take everything dog very very seriously…..                                                                      ‘When health is all you have’ Our website is aimedContinue reading “‘When health is all you have’”

Vegetarian “Salmon” Sushi Roll (GF) — The Gastronomy Gal

Enjoy restaurant-style sushi rolls from the comfort of your home while also saving some money! Sushi has always been a food that I could only eat when I ate out because it seemed extremely complicated to make, but I was so wrong all along! Sushi is also an expensive food at restaurants, but a very […]Continue reading “Vegetarian “Salmon” Sushi Roll (GF) — The Gastronomy Gal”

Lookin Sheepish

Lookin Sheepish is a home-based pet clothing company. Making creative range of homemade bespoke products for every pet. Your precious boo deserves a present just as much as anyone else; he or she is part of the family after all! Discover a wide range of unique gifts for pets and find the perfect fit forContinue reading “Lookin Sheepish”


Bill Ready President, Commerce Announced on the 21st of April 2020, USA The business will be able to take advantage of selling online for free from the end of April. GOOGLE LISTING WILL BE FREE!! This is a significant advantage for Small Business who wanted to sell their products on google shopping but money wasContinue reading “SELLING IS FREE ON GOOGLE – ADVANTAGE FOR SMALL BUSINESS”


With a further three weeks of lockdown imposed, we are seeing hundreds if not thousands of businesses up and down the country having to reinvent themselves. New online shops, courses, and network marketing reps are appearing every day. But what if you are a business owner still struggling to find direction or some fresh newContinue reading “5 KEY TIPS FOR EVERY FEMALE BUSINESS OWNER TO THRIVE IN THIS CLIMATE.”

Transport Technology Helping Meet Increasing Demands on Food

As the monster virus has struck, the normal pace and rhythm of life has altered drastically andeveryone is forced to follow a new schedule. Social isolation is currently taken as the solution tohandle the outbreak. Hence, an efficient transport system needs to be agile enough to fine-tunethe change while guaranteeing the continuous movement of foodContinue reading “Transport Technology Helping Meet Increasing Demands on Food”

Small Business 5 ways to STAY POSITIVE During COVID19!

I know many of you are really upset about the situation COVID 19, But let me remind, you are doing amazingly well to fight coronavirus, This will be over soon! Next year this time we will proudly say we have gone thought this together and saved the nation. Yes small business are suffering but myContinue reading “Small Business 5 ways to STAY POSITIVE During COVID19!”

Price Packages

List your business online just for £14.99 A Year. Om Digital Blog Directory offers monthly and yearly service, feel free to check our packages below:You do not have to have a website, We will add your Products ,Service, Images and Videos on our online directory Om Digital Blog. Small Package: Price: £14.99 A Year ListingContinue reading “Price Packages”